We’re moving out and selling up!

Depending on the item we sell, we’ve used different platforms. Here’s a rundown of our experiences:


Does my email not work properly? Here is a typical Craigslist conversation:

Buyer: Is this item still available

Me: Yes. Let me know if you want to see it. I can meet at (give three or four times) near (give a meeting place).

Buyer: <crickets chirping>

What the actual heck!? That happened at least 75% of the time. IF I get beyond that, it’s still a very low hit rate on a sale. In addition to several complete no-shows to a meeting, I’ve had all these excuses…mostly on the day of the meeting:

“My daughter prefers green over purple so we don’t want it anymore”

“I forgot to go to the bank so I don’t have cash”

“Can you just deliver it to my house. And will you take 50% off”

“I just bought a new car so I can’t meet”

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