Spring Break 2017


We had a great time on Spring Break, but it took us all about a week to recover!  We did ALOT in the 10 days we were out west, but I think the real recovery time was due to our delayed flight home and some jet lag!   Spending the bulk of our time in Arizona meant we were on Arizona’s special no-daylight saving Mountain time, which was essentially like Pacific time – 3 hours behind us on the East Coast.  We were up by 6am every day, and it felt like we were sleeping in, but it still was the equivalent of waking up at 9am at home.  Our flight home was delayed by 3 hours, so our anticipated late night arrival on Sunday night at 11pm became a REALLY late night arrival at 2am.  The one upside is that we got through the airport really fast at that time!  Asleep by 3am, we were all awake again by about 8am (thanks to the 4 year old, who woke us all up by opening his bedroom door yelling “I hear birds – is it wakeup time?!”).  Anyway, it took a good week to recover (boys stayed home on Monday, and we accidentally overslept on Tuesday, so the boys were tardy,  but at school that day), and to catch up on work, but now things are finally calming down.  So, between work and packing up the house to leave FOR GOOD (!) on the start of our new traveling adventure in less than 5 weeks, I will try to post about our trip.

Here is a really brief summary of what we did and saw:

Friday, March 31 – after 6 hours of sleep (thanks to a delayed outgoing flight due to winds on the way to Las Vegas, our arrival airport), we drove 2 hours to Sand Hollow State Park near St. George, UT,  for our first adventure – ATV riding (in the pouring rain).  Pretty fun!

Saturday, August 1st – Zion National Park

Sunday, August 2nd – A Day at Bryce Canyon National Park

ay, August 3rd – rain day!  got a few Junior Ranger badges, but mostly spent the rainy/snowy day indoors

Tuesday, August 4th – Toadstool Hoodoos hike in Grand Staircase Escalante NM, tour of Glen Canyon dam, visit to see Horseshoe Bend

Wednesday, August 5th – Lower Antelope Canyon, drive to Grand Canyon

Thursday, August 6th – Grand Canyon National Park

Friday, August 7th – Walnut Canyon NM and Sunset Crater Volcano NM

Saturday, August 8th – Petrified Forest National Park

Sunday, August 9th – Scottsdale and Phoenix – wasting time before our (continuously delayed) flight

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