Lower Antelope Canyon


This place is truly unbelievable! Located just outside of Page, Arizona, this amazing slot canyon is on Navajo land. Slot canyons are formed by flooding, and there is a real risk of drowning if you are in a canyon like this when it rains, or when rain happens somewhere upstream.  Because of accidents that happened here years ago, Antelope Canyon can now only be seen with tour guides.  

There is Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, both of which are supposed to be amazing, but we chose to do Lower Antelope Canyon and it was amazing, as advertised!  We arrived early in the morning of our tour (’cause that is how we roll!) and had a pretty big group of people scheduled for the same time as we were. Luckily, they had a good system, and the big group was divided into smaller groups (ours consisted of the five of us and a group of 8), and with all the walking around corners and things, you didn’t feel like you were part of a huge group.  Our tour guide was Navajo and named Buffalo.  C and I both heard different parts of the explanation about why he was called Buffalo, but it has something to do with the fact that he killed his first buffalo when he was 12 and his grandfather gave him the name. I know it would be a much better story if I actually remembered the details, but that is just the story of my life…

When we entered the canyon, we went straight down a fairly steep set of stairs (makes sense, since it is called “Lower”).  Then we were suddenly in this crazy, otherworldly area made of red sandstone and swirling patterns in the walls.


Everywhere we looked was another amazing view. It is really hard not to constantly take pictures!







Finally after 45 minutes or so of walking through the canyon, we went up a small ladder and emerged from a crack in the ground.  Cool!


And as one last special treat, our tour guide showed us a few dinosaur tracks, which are pretty common in this part of the country.  Sadly, I lost the picture I took of the dinosaur track, so you will just have to imagine it (or google it).

Google Images – Dinosaur Track at Lower Antelope Canyon

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