Drill Baby, Drill!

Random Notes from the Road – West Texas Edition:

Here are the exotic animals we nearly hit on our drive through West Texas and New Mexico today:

  • a baby bunny (we think) – probably some sort of desert hare
  • a Roadrunner
  • a 6 foot (or longer!) striped snake
  • an honorable mention for the bird that flew directly into our windshield, causing C to throw his hands up in front of his face and duck (while driving)

As we drove through West Texas we went through tons of oil fields and saw lots of natural gas being burned off.  A strange sight!

We also played I Spy, which was pretty boring because our options were: road, sky, clouds, green shrubs and dirt.  Once in a while it got exciting and we saw another car or a gas flare that we could “spy”.

The boys are writing in journals about the trip (so far N’s journal just lists the days of the week – it is a start!) and A’s first entry was kind of sad and sweet and a little bit funny – he said it was okay if I shared it on here.




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