Notes from the Road III

As a follow up to this post and this post, here is our new tally of things we nearly hit on the road:

  • C’s hat –  there was a small fly on the inside of my window so I opened the window to try to get it out, C gave me his hat to use to try to get the little fly out.  I pushed the fly with the hat, which filled with the air rushing by the window as soon as it went outside the window (duh!) and the air caused the hat to go flying out of the car!  So if you ever wonder about the random clothing items on the side of the road – now you know!  We did turn around and go back to pick it up.
  • A horse – we were driving on a pretty deserted road (called Road BB) somewhere along the Colorado/Utah border when we came across a few horses along the side of the road, and one actually in the middle of the road!  Luckily, at the last minute they moved (I am fairly sure C would have put the brakes on if they didn’t move)
  • A busload-worth of tourists – we were heading towards Monument Valley and were driving by the famous spot where Forrest Gump stopped his run, and there was an entire bus worth of tourists standing in the middle of road trying to get the perfect shot of the spot.  Like the horse, they did move at the last minute (and once again, I’m fairly sure that C would have put the brakes on if they didn’t move 😉 )

I have discovered my favorite interstate highway!  We have ridden on our fair share of slow, scenic side roads on this trip, but sometimes you just want to go 80 mph on a direct route.  Typically, in order to take the fast route, you lose some of the scenery.  Not so with I-70 through Colorado!  It was beautiful!  We went up and down mountains – over 11,000 feet in elevation at its high point.  All while cruising along between 65 – 80 mph!  An engineering marvel indeed!

I-70. Mountain views at 80mph

We have driven over 3,000 miles so far, and spent more than 60 hours in the car.  A has been watching for license plates from all the states and he has found 49 of them (4 of his final 5 just in the last two days).  He has also seen many of the Canadian provinces, Mexico, and a few European countries (somehow?!).  He is only missing one US state license plate – can you guess what it is?



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