YMCA of the Rockies

After a few uneventful days in Boulder (we just relaxed, ran errands, and played at the local playground), we headed up to Estes Park, Colorado, just outside Rocky Mountain National Park.  We took a scenic drive up there on the Peak to Peak Byway, and it sure was scenic!


This trip to the Rocky Mountains was a last-minute detour to avoid the 100 degree heat of Utah.  Despite the last-minute plans, I managed to find a 2-bedroom cabin at the YMCA of the Rockies for 3 nights, just outside RMNP.  This place got good reviews, but wow, it was awesome!  Not your average YMCA! Not only was our cabin by far the most spacious place we’ve stayed in our trip, with 2 bedrooms containing beds for five people (finally – N doesn’t have to sleep on a pull-out couch!), it had a huge living room, full kitchen, a bathroom, and a front porch overlooking the mountains.


look at that space!


In addition to the cool cabin, they also organized lots of activities each day.  A spent 3 hours one day playing soccer, then four square, then kickball.  He came home for lunch, only to leave again for swimming and archery.  He climbed the rock wall another day.

The little guys went to a predator talk (they are really into predators and prey right now), painted wooden animals, colored pictures of big-horned sheep and spent tons of time at the playground.

Playground with a view of the Rockies
walking from our cabin to activities

Our whole family had a blast playing bingo.  N was SOOO excited when he won!


They also had a table full of animal bones, fur and antlers for the boys to check out, including this sort of creepy elk hoof…


I even got some work done with an awesome view (and excellent wifi)


The town of Estes Park itself was sort of c.r.a.z.y – so, so crowded!  We were there on a sunny weekend in June, and since it is less than 2 hours from Denver, I would guess we were there with lots of weekenders.  Luckily, other than driving to/from RMNP and going to the grocery store, we managed to avoid it.

To make this post not too long, I will write about our time in RMNP in the next blog post.  It will include N’s favorite hike ever!

N on his favorite hike – stay tuned!


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