Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls (in Iceland)

Iceland is full of waterfalls.  As you drive down the road, you can see waterfalls everywhere.  Every time there is any sort of hill, there is a waterfall streaming down.  Imagine every time you have these frequent waterfall sightings, someone (maybe someone you married?) starts singing TLC’s hit song Waterfalls.  “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to….”.  Do you have that song in your head now?  Then my job here is done!

I will grudgingly say that seeing those waterfalls were worth it, even with the background soundtrack playing in my head.  You can go ahead and just sing the song under your breath while you read the post. It’s okay.

L in front of a waterfall on the side of the road
a waterfall like this was a common sight as we drove on the main route (1) through Iceland

In addition to these random roadside waterfalls, we also visited a few of the more well known waterfalls.  Skogafoss is a beautiful waterfall located right off the main ring road.

boys in front of Skogafoss – close enough to get a little wet!

You can also climb up to view Skogafoss from the top, and even continue a few miles down the path to the Fimmvorduhals pass, a popular hiking route.  I stayed at the bottom with L & N, while C and A climbed to the top.

path to the top of Skogafoss

Skogafoss was pretty cool, but, by far, my favorite waterfall to visit was Seljalandsfoss.  This waterfall was also located on the ring road, not far from where we were staying in Southern Iceland.  Not only was it really picturesque, but we were also able to walk behind it!

you know it is beautiful when I can get a picture like this!
Before we went behind the waterfall (I like how N has his hand over C’s eyes!)

We got soaking wet behind the waterfall, but it was totally worth it! (At least C and I thought so – not sure N would agree!).  Everything was vibrant green from the constant mist of water.  (It was also a little slippery on the rocks, but that is detracting from the picture I’m trying to paint here…)

heading in – with a rainbow for a doorway 🌈


everything growing was this amazing green color! #nofilter
the sun peeks through the curtain of water
IMG_20170730_174945 (2)
best family picture we could manage



boys emerge from behind the waterfall – a little wetter than when they started

Okay, after looking through all these pictures again, I am going to disagree with TLC and say you should go chasing waterfalls, at least when you are in Iceland!

one last rainbow, waterfall and kid picture 🙂

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