A day in the life…Scotland

IMG_5777 (3).JPGAfter 2 1/2 months of moving every few days, we have finally arrived somewhere that we can unpack our bags!

Hanging out with all our bags while we wait to find a rental car big enough for all of them and all of us!

We are settling for two months in C’s parents house in a small village on the outskirts of Glasgow.


We have come in like a storm of noise, mess and chaos to their calm, peaceful life.  We take up the entire top floor of their house, and crowd into their dining room for mealtimes.


We spend our mornings crowded into the dining room and working on the boys’ homeschool work.  I sincerely hope they whine a lot less at school than they do with us!  Good for all those people who successfully home school their kids. It is hard work! (and we may or may not threaten to send them to the public school down the road about 3x a week).

school work and breakfast combo

The goal is to keep them going until we can get them in school somewhere (soon)! We have found a few online classes that provide them with better teachers, more interesting things than we can come up with, and some peer interaction.


Working on coding. And, yes, he typically does his work in his pajamas.

The boys are usually done with their work by lunchtime, and after lunch, if it isn’t raining, we head outside.  The boys love the park at the bottom of the hill.

Walking down the hill to the park




Then, it is time to go back up the hill


and we usually cut through the orry to get back to the house.

In the orry

Sometimes, we go for a walk in the fields behind the house and check out the animals.


IMG_2429 (2).JPG
C assures me this is perfectly legal



checking out the relaxing sheep

And then we all sing kumbaya while peacefully walking home in the sunshine.


Ha – just kidding. You know they were climbing on each other and someone got hurt cause someone “accidentally” hit them with their elbow about 10 seconds after this picture.  And about 75%  of the time, we are stuck inside because it is raining.

This is a more typical afternoon for us:

yep, still in their pajamas!

But, despite the fact that being here brings its own set of challenges, we have seen some cool things, like more of the typical Scottish animals:

Clydesdale horses
And cute little baby “Hairy Coos” (highland cattle)

We also got to see some castles

The gates into Stirling Castle

And we got to visit the largest windfarm in the UK (second largest in Europe), a short walk C’s parents house


We took a trip into the Glasgow City Centre

And in between all that, we have visited York and London in England, and the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands and Kirkcudbright in southern Scotland.  I’ll post more about those trips soon.

So – now you see our home away from home.  As the days grow shorter, we are craving a bit of sunshine, so we will soon be heading south. But until then, we will continue to enjoy our time in Scotland!


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