Cliff Climbing at Algar Seco, Portugal

While in Portugal, we had an absolute blast climbing all over the limestone cliffs in Algar Seco.  Algar Seco is located in Carvoeiro, the nearest town to where we stayed during our trip.  There is a short walkway along the cliff, and midway through, there is a staircase leading down to an area of the cliffs that is just begging to be explored.  Now, just a warning, this post is mostly pictures – some of you (mom ;-)) probably won’t mind!

IMG_0395 (2).JPG

Once we got to the point on the walkway where the actual climb-able cliff was, we walked through a tunnel they had made through the rock.

IMG_0110 (2).JPGand we emerged onto this…..IMG_0114 (2).JPG

Oy! Did these boys ever have an absolute blast climbing all over, around and through this cliff.IMG_0170 (2).JPG

IMG_0178 (2).JPG


IMG_0205 (2).JPG



Daredevil!  He was walking along a ledge far above the rest of us. C and I kept telling him to stop walking on that ledge – he didn’t listen very well. Yikes!

After we spent an hour or so climbing on the rocks, we continued down the boardwalk and stopped at a restaurant for a tasty lunch.  After lunch, we went to another spot at the very end of the boardwalk, where we were once again able to climb on the rocks.

IMG_0311 (2).JPG
the entrance onto the rocks is on the far right – we had to walk along a thin ledge next to where the water comes shooting in from the sea


IMG_0392 (2).JPG
the boys are actually walking away from the cliff and back to the stairs in this picture, but it gives you a good view of the walkway between the stairs and the cliffs

IMG_0351 (2).JPG


IMG_0362 (2).JPG


We spent another hour exploring this area before heading back to our Airbnb.  These cliffs were fun to climb on and provided amazing views of the sea.  What a fun day!







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