More Slovenia Highlights – Waterfalls

IMG_4339 (2)
We spent two wonderful weeks in Slovenia, doing and seeing lots of things. To read more about it, here is a link to all our Slovenia blog posts.  This post has a theme – waterfalls!  We visited one of Slovenia’s most popular tourist attractions, Vintgar Gorge.  We also saw the popular Slap Savica, as well as a lesser known waterfall called Slap Pericnik (you guessed it – “slap” is the Slovenian word for waterfall).  Of these three stops, we had a CLEAR favorite. Which one was it? Read on to find out…

Vintgar Gorge

IMG_4308 (2).JPGVintgar Gorge is one of Slovenia’s most popular tourist attractions.  Its proximity to the very popular Lake Bled no doubt has some impact on its popularity.  The visit consists of a mile-long walk (each way) along a wooden walkway through a beautiful gorge.  Is it beautiful? yes. Is it crowded? YES.IMG_4336 (2).JPGWhile we can objectively say that the gorge is beautiful, we can also say the walk was ruined by the sheer number of people enjoying it with us.  Because the gorge is narrow, a wooden walkway runs along the walls and all visitors have to follow the same narrow walkway.IMG_4347 (2).JPGThe gorge was beautiful and there were many scenic spots where water tumbled over rocks creating cascades.IMG_4339 (2).JPGAnd the water was beautifully, unbelievably clear.IMG_4357 (2).JPGHowever, as much as we tried to enjoy it, as soon as there was a particularly scenic spot, we would be stopped in our tracks as someone in front of us would inevitably be stopping to take a picture, which would stop everyone behind them. At least it helped to identify the pretty spots, and while we were stopped anyway, I figured I would take a picture too.IMG_4337 (2).JPGOnce we got to the end of the pathway, we took a little detour to look at a waterfall, then turned around and headed back the way we came. IMG_4382 (2)Traffic was a little lighter going back, and that made it a tiny bit more relaxing, since we didn’t feel like we had to go quite so fast to not hold up the people behind us.IMG_4423 (2).JPGHowever, we did have more traffic going the other direction now.  So, in the end, what did we think? Well, I don’t think we would go again when it was so crowded. We thought we arrived early enough, an hour after it opened, but it was a Sunday morning in the prime peak summer season.  If we went again, we would try to go outside of the peak time, and I think we would enjoy it more.

Slap (Waterfall) Savica

IMG_5593 (2)Just outside of Lake Bohinj lies another well known Slovenia tourist attraction, Slap Savica.  While near Bohinj, we drove to the waterfall.  Once parked, we had a short but uphill climb to the waterfall.  Once we got there, we were…underwhelmed.  The waterfall was pretty average, and we couldn’t get very close to it.  It was interesting, but nothing special.

IMG_5596 (2).JPG
This was just about as close as we could get to the waterfall. Maybe it is more impressive in the spring?

It was an okay stop, though we probably wouldn’t bother doing it again. There are much more amazing things to see in Slovenia.  So, clearly this wasn’t our favorite. That leaves…

Slap (Waterfall) Pericnik

IMG_5120 (2)The least well known of the three places, this waterfall was by far our favorite.  In fact, it ranks highly on my list of favorite waterfalls EVER (everyone has a ranking of their favorite waterfalls, right?).  It reminded me a lot of Seljalandsfoss, my favorite from our trip to Iceland last year, but way less known.

We took a short but steep walk up to the waterfall and when we got close we could hear the booming sound of the water crashing on the rocks below. IMG_5099 (2)As we got closer, we felt the spray of the water as it rushed by us. THIS was a waterfall!

IMG_5108 (2)Not only that, but we could explore near the waterfall, including walking on a path carved out behind the waterfall.

IMG_5123 (2)

IMG_5141 (2)

IMG_5147 (2)Not only was this waterfall beautiful and powerful and amazing, but it also had a bonus waterfall with it! There was another waterfall above Pericnik, and though the sign warned caution, we spoke to a few people coming down and they said it was just a little steep, so we went ahead and climbed up. IMG_5173 (2)The climb wasn’t bad, and there were a few rocks to climb and handholds to pull up on, which kept it interesting.IMG_5151 (2) This waterfall wasn’t as impressive as Pericnik, but was a nice little bonus.IMG_5156 (2)The boys explored on the rocks a bit, and C scared himself looking over the cliff edge, which was the origination point for Pericnik.

IMG_5162 (2)We didn’t spend a lot of time at Slap Pericnik, but we really enjoyed the stop. It was just enough walking to work up a sweat.  It wasn’t crowded, and the waterfall itself was amazing.

We had a clear winner among the waterfalls we visited in Slovenia – Slap Pericnik was a beautiful, less crowded and fun waterfall to visit.

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