An Active Stay at Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

IMG_5659 (2).JPGWe spent two weeks in Slovenia this summer and this is my last (but not least) blog post from our time there.  Our last few days were spent swimming, SUPing, boating, biking and walking around Lake Bohinj, which borders Triglav National Park, and is just a half hour from Lake Bled.IMG_5661 (2).JPGWhile in Bohinj, we stayed in Hotel Jezero, which was just across the street from the lake, and in addition to the location, it also offered a decent, if somewhat expensive dinner, a fairly reasonably priced breakfast, an indoor pool and a table tennis table that we put to good use!

IMG_5871 (2).JPG
The lake is on the other side of the road next to the boys, and our hotel was just to the right

It is safe to say the star of this stay was the lake itself. This was the third lake in Slovenia that we visited, and I dare say it was our favorite.  It has the beautiful, clear, blue-green water, mountain views and wasn’t too cold for swimming.  The lake didn’t allow motorized (at least not gasoline powered) boats, so it kept it quiet and peaceful.

A short walk from our hotel was a small, but rocky beach where we spent lots of time hanging out.  It had kind of big rocks, so once we realized we were better off with our water shoes, we really enjoyed it. IMG_5738 (2).JPGWe rented stand-up paddle boards from two different places during our stay, and both times they were within an easy paddle from the beach.  The clear, calm water was great to SUP in, and the lake wasn’t crowded, so you had plenty of space to SUP.

IMG_5606 (2).JPG
C with L – it was a bit windy, so they didn’t stand up much the first day on the SUP
IMG_5609 (2).JPG
A on his paddle board

One day, we decided to rent a row boat to paddle explore the lake a bit more.  It turned out that only 4 people would fit in a row boat, so instead, for the price of two row boats, our family could all fit in this little electric boat.  We were a bit disappointed at first, but it ended up being perfect.  The little boat-that-could would just slowly and quietly chug along on its tiny little electric motor, and the boys took turns steering.

IMG_5779 (2).JPG
Easy steering in the electric boat

The electric boat got us further than we would have under our own steam, so as we got further into the lake, we had it pretty much to ourselves.  We were surrounded by mountains, trees and water.  It was lots of fun and really relaxing.

IMG_5804 (2).JPG
Okay, so it was REALLY easy steering 🙂 We could have probably paddled (at least for a little while) faster than the little boat’s engine that could.  We weren’t completely confident it would take us all the way across the lake and back.  But we had a paddle, just in case. :p

We rented the boat for an hour, so we chugged along for a half hour and still didn’t make it to the end of the lake (going the long way across), before we turned around and headed back.IMG_5852 (2).JPGOne morning, we decided to rent bikes at a shop across from the hotel and explore the nearby trails.  Since it was mid-summer, we had to get to the bike shop as soon as it opened to guarantee we got bikes for all three kids.  They provided us with a map of some marked bike trails, and we headed off.

IMG_5733 (2).JPG
The trail.  You can see the edge of Lake Bohinj on the left side of the map


After a few wrong turns that took us by some scenic Slovenian houses, we found the official trail and rode along.

IMG_5677 (2).JPG
All of the houses in Slovenia look so massively huge, like the one behind L

The trail was pretty quiet, we would occasionally come across someone else cycling, but the whole thing was pretty peaceful (other than the whining of the 5 year old who was a little nervous to be on a bike after more than a year).IMG_5714 (2).JPG

IMG_5720 (2).JPG
The wooden racks on the right are used to dry hay.  You can find them all over Slovenia.

IMG_5728 (2).JPG

IMG_5737 (2).JPG

Our couple of days at Lake Bohinj wrapped up our stay in Slovenia, but don’t worry, our summer trip wasn’t over yet! (thank you to Spain and your 11-week summer vacation).  We went south from Slovenia, and still had another three countries to see!  Watch out for more blog posts coming soon on our time in Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.

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