Highlights of Bosnia & Herzegovina

We packed a lot into our four days in Bosnia and Herzegovina during our summer road trip.  While we spent most of our time in Mostar, we also got a chance to see a few other sites.  We enjoyed the people, the fascinating mix of cultures, the food and learning about what this country faced during the Balkans war.  I’m sharing our time in the towns of Mostar, Blagaj and Počitelj, along with a trip to the Kravice Waterfalls.


IMG_6610 (2)We spent a few days in Mostar and the city is charming and so scenic.  But, at the same time, there were buildings with bullet holes and others that were just shells.  It is hard to visit as a tourist and figure out how to learn and be respectful of the culture and all the people went through.  It was a war with neighbors, so it isn’t like the country was unified against the “bad” guy foreigner, it was a very complicated situation among countrymen and we can’t begin, as tourists and strangers, to understand it.  But, that said, we enjoyed our time and Bosnia has a special place in our hearts.

Though most of our time was spent in Mostar (you can read my separate post on Mostar here) we also saw a few sights in the areas near Mostar.

Kravice Waterfall

IMG_6368 (2).JPGWe stopped at this waterfall on the way from Croatia.  It was packed, and based on pictures I’ve seen, I think the waterfalls aren’t quite as intense as they are during other parts of the year, but it was still a refreshing stop. IMG_6352 (2).JPGThe highlight of this waterfall was clearly the fact that you could get in and swim!  L, N and I didn’t get all the way in to swim (the boys are somewhat resistant to bodies of water that may include fish!), but C and A swam all the way to a set of waterfalls.IMG_6392 (2).JPG



IMG_6586 (2).JPGWe took a day trip (well just part of a day actually) from Mostar to the small nearby town of Blagaj, known for its Dervish monastery built into the rock.  Luckily, we got going early in the morning and got ahead of the crowds, but we toured through the monastery, then headed across the river to take a short boat ride into the cave at the source of the river. IMG_6570 (2).JPG

IMG_6578 (2).JPGWe knew the boat trip would be short, so we weren’t disappointed when it only lasted about 10 minutes, but actually really enjoyed getting the chance to speak with the boat driver about his experiences living in Bosnia and a little bit about the history of the town and the Dervish monestary.  Overall, we thought the experience was worth the price.


IMG_6656 (2).JPGOn our way from Mostar to Kotor in Montenegro, we stopped at the small town of Počitelj, where we walked from the small town below up a set of stone steps to the ruins of an ottoman-era fortress. IMG_6628 (2).JPG

IMG_6636 (2).JPG

It was a pretty easy walk up, and we enjoyed walking through the ruins of the fortress.IMG_6649 (2).JPGNot to mention the views from the fortress of the town lying below it were fantastic.IMG_6679 (2).JPG

We didn’t spent long there, but there were lots of vendors selling trinkets, along with people selling fresh fruit and delicious fruit juices (we did grab a few of the fresh juices, especially tasty after our hike up to the fortress!).

We only explored a small corner of Bosnia but really enjoyed everything we saw and did.  I would highly recommend visiting Bosnia, and hope we can get there again sometime soon!


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