More Adventures in Denmark – Roskilde and Legoland

A major impetus for our trip to Denmark was a stop at the home of Lego – Billund, Denmark.  The boys are pretty big Lego fans and we had been to, and thoroughly enjoyed, Legoland in Florida a few times. As such, we knew that the birthplace of Lego, and its own Legoland Amusement Park was a place we wanted to get to while living in Europe. IMG_9300 (2)

We built our week-long trip itinerary with this in mind, and after visiting Gothenburg, Sweden and a few days in Copenhagen, it was time to head west to Billund.   However, I couldn’t resist a quick detour on the train ride over to see the beautiful Roskilde Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.IMG_9199 (2).JPG


On a Thursday morning, we headed to the Copenhagen train station, where we hopped on a train for a half-hour trip to Roskilde.  It was a crowded train, so we spent most of our time sitting near the doors instead of in actual seats.IMG_9251.JPGOnce we got to Roskilde, we searched in vain for luggage lockers (despite info online to the contrary, there were NOT any luggage lockers in that small train station), then, with bags on our backs, took a walk through town for our first stop at the Roskilde Cathedral.IMG_9189 (2)Arriving at the enormous and beautiful cathedral, we just walked around the outside admiring it before moving on.IMG_9193 (2)

IMG_9204 (2)

IMG_9199 (2)Our next planned stop was the Viking Ship Museum, which was a direct walk down the hill to the harbor.  We took a nice tree-filled path full of falling leaves and came across a playground, which we, of course, had to stop at for a bit.IMG_9210 (2)

IMG_9217 (2)Arriving at the Viking Ship Museum, we headed straight inside to look at the Viking ships, which was the primary focus of the museum.  The ships were about 1,000 years old, and were found and recovered from the bottom of Roskilde Harbor. They believe these boats were intentionally sunk to provide barriers to attacking ships.  Recovered 1,000 years later, the boats were taken out of the water, treated for preservation outside of the water, then put together on display in a large room at the museum.IMG_9222The museum wasn’t very large, mostly focused on the boats themselves, but we watched an interesting movie, saw some artifacts and did a little bit of Viking dress up.IMG_9229 (3)After touring the inside of the museum, we headed outdoors where they had some more fun activities for the kids, including  a nice sibling-friendly “battle with foam axes on a balance beam” game.IMG_9240The boys also got a chance to prepare and cook a Viking cookie/bread.IMG_9243.JPGAfter the activities outdoors, we had a quick but tasty (authentically Danish) lunch of fancy flatbreads in Cafe Knarr, right onsite at the museum.

Travel to Billund

After lunch, we headed back up the hill to the train station, where we waited for the train to take us on the 2-hour ride to Vejle, the closest train stop to Legoland.IMG_9253

Once we got to the Vejle, we quickly hopped off the train and headed to the connected bus station to grab the next bus going directly to Billund.  IMG_9255.JPG

After a 40 minute bus ride and one earlier stop (at the Billund Airport) we arrived at Legoland.


We were scheduled to stay in a cabin at the nearby campsite, so we got checked in and relaxed for a bit in Lego-themed splendor for the afternoon before heading to Legoland the next morning.IMG_9294We spent two full days in Legoland, and the boys had lots of fun.  Since it was mid-October, everything was decorated with a Halloween theme and the boys even got to do “Brick or Treat” (which was an extra charge). IMG_9297

IMG_9283.JPGAfter the 2nd day at Legoland, we took the city bus to the airport, where we spent the night in a hotel in walking distance to the airport for our early morning flight back to Spain.IMG_9300 (2)

With that we say goodbye and thanks for the memories to Denmark and Sweden!  Stay tuned for the next posts for more fall travel to the Canary Islands and skiing in Spain!




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