Kids Post: A’s Favorite Trips & Places in 2018

10 year old A has written a post sharing some of his favorite experiences while traveling in 2018.

IMG_9021 (3)
A is ready to share his favorite trips and adventures in 2018 with you!

#1 is the best and #5 is the fifth. I hope you have as much fun as I had when I was there!

#5 – Ljubliana, Slovenia

Ljubliana was a very nice city. It is the capital of Slovenia. Ljubliana were hosting a volleyball tournament so we went there a lot of the time.IMG_4994.JPG

IMG_4913 (1)They had a castle that was small, but I like small castles. It was a very nice city to walk around although it was  very hot. The food and ice cream were very good. They also had caves and it was MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skokjan Cave

IMG_4933 It also helped that our apartment was very nice, in the perfect location and had 878 TV channels.

#4 Day Trip to Tangiers, Morocco

We went on a boat over to Morocco from Spain. A tour guide picked us up with my uncle Reed. First he dropped us of at a beach to ride on camels.

IMG_1088 (2)
On a camel with my Uncle Reed

That was awesome, it took 10 minutes. I think it was a really good experience for everybody. After, we went to a cave that was really cool.IMG_8114 (2)

IMG_8205 (2)You could see the Atlantic and Pacific ocean at the same time! [editors note: it was actually the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea].  We could also get photos with a parrot and a monkey on our shoulders. After that, we went to a lighthouse that looked really cool and had an amazing view of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans [editor’s note: Atlantic & Med].IMG_1092 (3)

We went to eat at a very authentic Moroccan restaurant and it was delicious!IMG_8196 (2)

The last thing we did was walk around the old town in Tangier. I liked that they had a community PlayStation.

#3 – Trip to Denmark & Sweden

We flew into Copenhagen and then right after that took a train to Gothenburg, Sweden. We stopped at a Viking museum. They had interactive games, but we didn’t have time. We got the train again to Gothenburg and walked to our hostel. We went out to dinner and we ate at a… Burger place! I know we were in Sweden and should eat Swedish food, blah, blah ,blah… but we don’t have any burger places in Spain.

We woke up and took a ferry to an island and hiked around it- it was really cool!IMG_8687 (2)I like hikes with a lot of rocks and this hike had plenty. We took the ferry back and walked around Gothenburg. The next day we woke up and went to a REALLY COOL museum! It even had computers with Fortnite on them!IMG_8806They also had all these games! After that we took the train back to Copenhagen and then walked to our air b&b.

We went to a bakery for breakfast and then walk around Copenhagen.IMG_8822 (2)I am going to leave this day for number 2 on my list…

We rented bikes and bicycled around Copenhagen. It was amazing!IMG_0593

IMG_9039 (2)We stopped at a viking ship museum that had part of 4 viking ships. It also had some viking games outside and a museum.IMG_9240There was a restaurant were you could make viking biscuits!IMG_9243Then we took a train to… to be seen on No.2. You know Denmark was the inventor of Lego?

#2 – Amusement Parks

Water park in Montenegro. We went to a water park in Montenegro and it was super cool. It has three REALLY big slides that I went down- The adrenaline and excitement was incredible!aquapark budva

There was one that was a couple meters above those but I didn’t go down it. They also had tons of smaller slides, a lazy river, some pools and a kids play area. My second favorite (below the three slides) was a raft one, where you went down a normal slide with raft but at the end it just went straight down!

Water park in France. It had a lot of lazy rivers, slides and it was all very fun! I went there with my friend and his family and my aunt. I was about to go down the big slides and the lifeguard measured me! I was to small for the ride! 😢. But every thing else was supercool especially the tubes.

Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli was amazing with all sorts of cool rides for all ages. My favorite was The Demon. It has three loops and a really fast speed! There was another one, not a rollercoaster because it only went up and down but it went up really high and went down really fast!IMG_0050 (2)The whole park was amazing. We bought unlimited ride tickets so we could go on all of them.IMG_9003 (2)

LegolandLegoland was superb not only because of all the legos but the rides were fun to. My favorite one was The Polar Explorer.  It went up and down, up and down… At the end they played a short clip of a legoman’s hammer falling in the ice, and when the ice cracks in the clip you go down at a tremendous speed and see the penguins. They also had rides for kids of all ages and fun ones at that! It was an experience of a lifetime especially because it was only one or two kilometers away from The Lego House and the Lego maker’s apartment!

IMG_9300 (2)

#1  – Chateau de la Foret Campsite

This was a small campsite in Saint Julien Des Landes, FranceIt was a really cool campsite. With a soccer field, various swimming pools, a restaurant and bar and a ropes course.IMG_3421 (2).JPGIt also helped that we had a lot of friends and family there. My favorite was going to the soccer field.IMG_3474 (2).JPGWe stayed there for two weeks. But all of our friends left at one week. We went on the ropes course twice.IMG_3498 (2)Although I didn’t say much about it, I loved it!

And that is it for 2018.  Watch this space for our adventures for 2019!

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