We are a family of five with three boys from the USA and UK. We packed up, sold or stored most of our stuff in the US before starting our trip in May 2017. Since we left home, we have traveled in the US, Iceland, Scotland, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

We are now living in Spain and adjusting to Spanish life, where we never eat out for dinner, since the restaurants open around the time we are getting ready for bed, and we are never more than 80% sure of what anyone says to us in Spanish ( “I’m 80% sure you are supposed to go to school today dressed like a shepherd”, “I’m like 80% sure he said it was okay to park here”, “I’m about 80% sure we are supposed to go to the stadium between 5-7 pm on Thursday to pay for your soccer team”).  Follow us while we hang out in Spain and continue our travels from our new Spanish home base.

May 2017